1000MG natural broad spectrum tincture


1000MG natural broad spectrum tincture

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Sugarleaf’s broad spectrum, zero thc.

All of our tinctures are Organic and Vegan, and there are no harmful fillers. With any tincture, you should expect it to be as few ingredients as possible.

Our tinctures are made from three simple ingredients including Crude extract (hemp), Organic MCT carrier (coconut oil), and natural terpenes.

Everyone experiences different effects but you could expect a calming and relaxing effect. It isn’t considered sedative, but can aid with sleep because it promotes relaxation. On the flipside, you can also take it in the morning because it isn’t sedative but would aid in keeping cool throughout your day. Another added benefit to taking a daily regimen of CBD (tinctures being the most preferred method) is an overall reduction of inflammation all throughout your body. Inflammation causes more than pain, it also causes anxiety, so in a way it helps resolve anxiety from multiple directions.

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