Bearly Legal Delta-8-THC Hemp Cigarettes - Pack

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Bearly Legal Delta-8-THC Hemp Cigarettes - Pack

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Bearly Legal Delta-8-THC Hemp Cigarettes

What's included:

1 Pack of Bearly Legal Smokes
20 Cigarettes in Every Pack
50mg D8 per Cig = 1,000mg D8 per Pack
Why are Bearly Legal Delta-8-THC Cigarettes the best D8 Smokes anywhere?
50mg Delta-8 in Every Cigarette
After extensive R&D, we found that 50mg is the highest quantity of Delta-8. We could fit in a single cigarette without negatively impacting the evenness of the burn or cause spotting on the paper.
In terms of effects - 50mg is also the goldilocks number. While 50mg may seem high per cigarette, smoking delta-8-THC is not the same as eating it. In a gummy, 50mg would be solid; however, it is a lovely, even-keeled functional buzz in a cigarette. This dosage delivers the perfect amount of effects in a perfectly consistent burn every time, every cigarette.
Solventless Delta-8 Infusion
We make our Delta 8 Cigarettes with a solventless infusion of Delta 8. Solventless means that we do not mix with any alcohol or chemicals to "spray" the hemp flower. This spraying method leads to residual solvents left on the product - and not something you want to be inhaling. Our proprietary solventless infusion ensures a consistent and repeatable infusion of an almost exact 50mg of delta-8-THC per cigarette.
50mg Naturally Occurring CBD in Every Cigarette
CBD is not added on or infused, just found naturally in our excellent hemp flower.
Organic 100% USA Made - Cali Grown Hemp
Grown, harvested, extracted & manufactured in bright, beautiful Sunny California

Made with Organic Smoking Paper
Bio-Degradable Filter
Clean Full Panel COA
Fully Federally Compliant
Less than .3% Delta-9-THC
Includes some CBGA Minor Cannabinoids
Professional Packaging & Manufacturing
Not tube injected or roll-your-own style.
The same multi-machinery large tobacco companies use, except the machinery has been modified to work with hemp exclusively.
Branded custom Tipping Paper with Bearly Legal Logo
Eye-Catching Bearly Legal Packaging
Embossed Spot Printing on Logo
QR Code with COA, Barcode, Lot #, Born on Date
Sealed for freshness and tamper-proof.
Delta 8 Delivers a Smooth Buzz that is not overwhelming for all-day Smoke-ability
Proprietary Terpene Infusion Technique for Bold Flavors and Effects
We infuse with a pinch of hemp-derived terpenes—this helps bolster the flavor and create a unique hybrid of entourage effects.
The Best Hemp Cigarettes on the Market Hands Down!