Delta8 THC Energy Shot

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Delta8 THC Energy Shot

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This case includes:

1- D8 Energy Product Display/Case

12- Bottles of one flavor Add to any beverage or drink by itself!

Give yourself a boost of energy AND relax your body. Each Delta-8 Additive Shot contains 50 mg of Delta-8-THC and 50 mg of Caffeine, for a mild effect that takes effect in 30 minutes, with a duration of 6 hours! Effects: Consumers report a relaxing “Indica” body feel Onset: 60-90 Minutes Duration: 5-6 Hours Product Benefits: • 4 SERVINGS PER BOTTLE • 4-5 Hours of Intoxicating Effects • 50 MG of Hemp-Derived Delta 8 THC Per Bottle • Sugar-Free • NO Synthetic Cannabinoids • Diabetic Safe • Vegan-friendly