Kosmic Kush CBD FLOWER

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Kosmic Kush CBD FLOWER

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Kush strains are a particular variety or hemp and cannabis flower that comes from the Hindu Kush mountains that stretches across Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan.

This magical area is one of only a few places where cannabis plants grow natively in the wild.

Though a Kush strain traditionally needs to come from this area (or have a part of its genetics from this Kush mountains), there are some other qualities that usually follow Kush cultivar.

Looks: Thick, deep green plats with large colas. Often hits of purple and dark orange.

Aroma: Dank strains with floral, citrusy, gassy and fruity aroma. They are usually intense and complex in a scent and can have undertones of many different earthy notes.

Flavor: Gas, skunk, herbs, citrus and pine are usually strong in Kush strains.

Effects: Indica dominant, heavy and couch-locky feelings are common. Kush strains don’t just put you in a sleepy mood but they tend to give you a blissful and euphoric sense of wellness and inner peace.